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Benefits of Honesty to Individual and Society

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Honesty is a good value and the following are its benefits;

1. Trust: Honesty makes a man be trusted by people who believe and rely on his words.

2. Promotion: The act of honesty can raise someone from grass to grace. Many people have been promoted because of the act of honesty they demonstrated, at one time or the other.

3. Popularity:  Honest people could be recognized by the mass media, this makes them be well-known in society.

4. Honour: Honest people tend to be honoured by leaders who value honesty.

5. Favour:  Honest people easily receive people’s favour, whenever they are in need.

6. Confidence:  People associate with honest individuals, business-wise, and their business flourishes because of the confidence their customers have in them.

7. Development: Honesty leads to the development, progress, and advancement, of an individual or society.