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Conditions Necessary for Nursery Practices

Some seeds may be planted directly into the field (in situ) without suffering from harsh weather conditions.

Examples; maize, cowpea, sorghum, and millet.

Some plants’ seedlings cannot withstand harsh weather conditions, therefore nursery practices are needed.

A nursery is a conducive place where tender crops are temporarily raised, under intensive management, before they are transplanted to their permanent site.

Below are the conditions necessary for nursery practices;

1. Shade should be provided.

2. Good soil should be used, for example, loamy or humus soil.

3. The selected site should be near the sources of water.

4. The site topography must be flat enough.

5. The permanent site should not be far from the nursery site.

6. Regular watering should be done.

7. Polythene bags or suitable containers should be used.

8. Transplanting should be done early in the morning or in the evening when the sun sets.

9. Pests and diseases should be controlled.

10. Fertilizer or manure should be applied to ensure the rapid growth of seedlings.


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