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  1. Farm Structures & Building | Week 1
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  2. Definition of Farm Buildings | Week 2
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  3. Crop Propagation & Cultural Practices I | Week 3
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  4. Crop Propagation & Cultural Practices II | Week 4
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  5. Agricultural Practices I | Week 5
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  6. Agricultural Practices II | Week 6
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  7. Harvesting Operations | Week 7
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Topic Content:

  • Meaning of Post-planting Operations
  • Post-planting Operation Activities
    • supplying, thinning, mulching, weeding etc.

What are Post-Planting Operations?

Post-planting operations are the activities carried out on the farm after planting.

These operations enhance the growth and performance of crops.

Post-planting operations include:

1. Supplying:

This is the replanting of seeds to replace those seeds that failed to germinate, due to dead seeds and diseased seeds. The failed seeds must be replaced to have an adequate number and population of plants on the farm.

2. Thinning:

This is the removal of excess and weak seedlings, from a ‘stand’ when the seeds per hole are more than required. It gives room for others to grow. Thinning is mostly carried out after the rain when the soil is moist. It reduces overcrowding, prevents crops from competing for light, water and nutrients, and improves plant vigour.

3. Mulching:

This is the covering of the soil surface with materials such as dry grasses, leaves, crop residue, sawdust, and straw wood shavings, to prevent evaporation of conserved water and weed growth.

Mulching regulates soil temperature and prevents erosion. It also adds nutrients to the soil, and also suppresses weeds.


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