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Social problems can occur in the society due to certain factors, which include:

1. Poverty: 

Unfortunately, it has been found that about 85% of Nigerians live in a state of extreme poverty. Although poverty makes life uncomfortable for the individuals experiencing it, it is also a social menace. It often leads to individuals engaging in illegal and immoral activities such as corruption, bribery, domestic violence, child labour, etc.

Science and Technology: 

The continuous development of science and technology has its negative and positive effects. Some problems Science and Technology have given rise to in society are; the use of nuclear and sophisticated weapons that lead to loss of lives and properties, the use of credit cards to perform internet and cyber crimes, etc.

Government over Emphasize Certificates: 

In Nigeria, job opportunities are not widely available, because of this employers feel the need to find the best candidate for an available position. Most Employers and the Government alike employ people based solely on certificates and not skill acquisition. Unfortunately, no matter how intelligent one might be on a job, you may not be awarded the position if you do not possess a good certificate from a reputable Institution.

Population Explosion: 

The population of Nigeria is so high that the available resources are not adequate to cater to the people. The Population Explosion of Nigeria is caused largely by the belief in customs that a man is free to marry as many wives as he desires – this gives rise to a high number of births.

Influence of Mass Media: 

Films and movies involving acts of crime have been known (sometimes) to inspire future criminals. Parents, Guardians and children do not always obey the age rating of movies, tv shows, books and video games, this thereby exposes youth and people to all sorts of immorality, crimes, etc which bring about an increase in social problems.

Large Family Size: 

In cases where there is a large number of family members and the head of the family, cannot economically provide for the family. The family is prone to malnourishment, poverty, and other ills.


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