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Protest in Nigeria
Protest in Nigeria.

The following are some of the effects of social problems in the society as a whole;

1. Social Problems: A high number of social problems in a society leads to social instability both politically and economically.

2. Tarnishes Family and Nation’s Image: An individual that continuously takes part in criminal activities will eventually discredit and tarnish their name and also their family’s name. In a case where a country has a large number of its citizens participating in criminal activity in and outside their country, such a country will eventually have its name tarnished.

3. High Threat to life and Properties: Social problems, such as cultism, conflicts, armed robbery, ritual killings, political assassinations, etc has resulted in a general state of unrest in which life and property are no longer safe.

4. Loss of Valuable Manpower: The brain drain caused by unemployment has resulted in the loss of valuable manpower in Nigeria, as many qualified youths have left the country looking for better job opportunities in other countries.

5. Instability and Lack of Development: The various social problems have affected the political stability and development of the nation.

6. A rise in Mental Health Issues: The stresses caused by Social Problems in society can sometimes affect the normal functioning of one’s brain. This can happen to both children and adults.

7. General Disorder: A high variety of Social Problems in a society leads to an increased sense of confusion and chaos within the society.


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