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Components of Culture

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This is what culture is made up of, Components of Culture are the ingredients involved in the total way of life of the people of the society. The components of culture can also be referred to as the aspects of culture.

There are two components/aspects of culture which are:

  1. Material (or Tangible) Culture
  2. Non-material (or Intangible) Culture

Material (or Tangible) Culture: These are the areas or aspects of culture that are physical. They are those aspects of culture that can be seen and touched. Some examples are food, clothes, houses, tools and equipment, ornaments, etc.

Nigerian Yoruba Attire
Tangible Culture – Nigerian Yoruba Attire

Non-material (or Intangible) Culture: These are areas or aspects of culture that are invisible and not physical. We learn about them as part of ways of life. Some examples are language, religion, music, norms and values, morals, customs, etc.

Nigerian Festivals
Intangible Culture – Nigerian Festival