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  1. Packaging Criteria I | Week 1
    2 Topics
  2. Packaging Criteria II | Week 2
    2 Topics
  3. Criteria for Selecting Materials for Packaging Agricultural Produce | Week 3
    4 Topics
    2 Quizzes
  4. Pricing & Advertising | Week 4
    6 Topics
  5. Marketing in Agriculture | Week 5
    3 Topics
    2 Quizzes
  6. Farm Records & Book Keeping | Week 6
    3 Topics
  7. Types of Farm Records | Week 7
    9 Topics
  8. Computer-Aided Farm Records and its Benefits | Week 8
    3 Topics
  9. Farm Accounting and Bookkeeping | Week 9
    6 Topics
    1 Quiz

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Topic Content:

  • Meaning of Market
  • Meaning of Agricultural Marketing
  • Marketing Activities in Agriculture
  • Types of Markets for Agricultural Produce

What is a Market?

The place where producers and consumers meet to sell and buy their materials is known as a market.

Customers usually buy goods at a market. Producers or farmers have to find ways for their agricultural products to be distributed from their places of production to markets where they can be bought by the final consumers.

What is Agricultural Marketing?

Agricultural marketing involves all activities, from gathering agricultural produce from farms to getting them to the final consumers.

These activities include assembling, storage, processing, transportation, packaging, grading and distribution of different agricultural commodities across the country. Let’s describe these activities.

Marketing Activities in Agriculture:

1. Purchasing & Assembling:

Assembling is usually done by assemblers and it involves going from one farm to another and gathering large quantities to make them available for the buyers. Distribution activities follow after assembling.

2. Grading and Sorting:

This means sorting products into different grades according to the quality specifications laid down. This specification describes things like the ideal quality, shape, size, flavour etc. For example, 2 grades for apple, grade 1 and grade 2 with grade 2 being the higher grade because of its bigger size.

Apple grading machine.

Grading enables producers to get higher prices for their produce as most consumers prefer buying better quality products at higher prices.

3. Processing:


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